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Bakery Boxes

We produce a variety of products for bakery use including Flat-folding, and 4 and 6 corner glued cakeboxes, 2 and 4 corner trays and Flat folding ‘G’ Style wedding cake boxes. We also hold a variety of generic cutting formes for most standard sizes of cakebox.




Indian Sweet Boxes

All our sweet boxes are made using high quality food-grade FBB. We offer all the standard sweet industry sizes including ½ KG, 1 KG and 2KG boxes or alternatively we can make your custom size. We can also offer UV varnish for a high shine finish.


Window Patch Cartons

Window patched cartons are a great way to display your product. We can offer a window patch on most styles of carton, we use 50 micron PET film for the window on our in-house window patcher.




Record Sleeves

We produce plain and printed sleeves in a variety of sizes including the main industry standards, 7”, 10” and 12”.




Cupcake Boxes

We supply single, 2, 4, 6 and 12 cupcake boxes in a variety of styles and designs. We can create your own bespoke cupcakes boxes with custom inserts for any number of cupcakes.





Bespoke Packaging

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